Calories burned

Is there an easy way to figure out how many calories i burn a day. Just curious


I find looking at calories burned causes the urge to want to burn even more, then more, even at the point of being unhealthy.

Otherwise, it’s a lot of math and involves far too much brain work: “How many calories did I use when I cut the lawn?.. Oh yes, I musn’t forget building that cabinent!” It’s not pleasant to do or even know.

Panda is right. I was sucked into the old calorie counting black hole. Besides there is no acurate way to determine each individuals expenditure of calories. Everybody is different. Some people(the skinny bastards which never do GPP and still have 5% BF) just burn more calories through the day by being alive. Also it is true the more muscle you have the more you burn at rest. If you still feel the need to count something keep track of your carb and protein grams. You will be amazed how many carbs you get from sources that you really do not need(ketchup, sweetners in coffee, ect). Good Luck!

I third that. If you’re still interested, you can take an RMR (resting metabolic rate) test to see your calorie burning baseline rate, and multiply it by a factor depending on your lifestyle (believe it was 1.3 if you’re a couch potato, 1.5 if you have an office work, 1.7 if you’re moderately active, and 1.9 if you’re a hard labour worker). Then you can purchase one of them HR watches that can also tell your calorie extraction during workouts, and add it to your overall figure.