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Calories Burned by Albuterol?


Does anyone have any idea how many additional calories/day would be burned by taking Albuterol? Let's say at a standard dose of Albuterol, like 16 mg/day. Thanks


By itself not many.

Albuterol and clen should be used with fairly heavy cardio.

Albuterol especially improves the oxygen uptake in the body.

It makes it easier to run faster, because your body is breathing more efficiently, and transferring that oxygen to the blood more efficiently.

Its the ideal cardio aid.

Makes you burn more calories during cardio

CNS stim, makes you energized, less tired

And improves your cardio ability, allowing you to run harder and longer.


AFAIK - it simply cannot be said. The metabolism is totally individual to the person.
I suspect that a percentage increase can not even be given due to the fact that different drugs affect people in different ways.. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


second that. it depends on how much of the side effects you get primarily the CNS stimulation, increased heart rate.


Yeah, this makes some sense to me. It doesn't seem like just speeding up your heart rate a bit and making you shake more would actually burn a lot of calories.

But that does raise one question: Why take albuterol on days when you don't do cardio? I mean, most people seem to take it for at least 2 weeks consecutively, but I doubt these people are doing cardio all 14 days. And why take it multiple times per day? By this reasoning, wouldn't it make sense to take it just once, maybe an hour before cardio?


I suppose it depends how much it increases your heart rate. In my experience, my resting pulse doesn't change by more than 10 or 20 beats / minute. That could burn a couple of hundred extra calories per day, I'd think.


Albuterol is in a fucking inhaler. who cares?

do people really take this that dont' have asthma? crazy...


Do you use Steroids?


That's very interesting, so what if you are involved in an endurance sport such as soccer, rugby, etc. You think you could see a marked improvement if taken before a match, or cycling up to it?


In my sport (Spring Canoe/Kayak) I see people with puffers before regattas that I have never seen with puffers before. I forget the exact term, but they get doctors to say that they have "exercise induced asthma". I'm not sure how big of an effect it has, but I do see it often.


The dose of Salbutamol (Albuterol in the US) is 100mcg/actuation for an Asthmatic, this widens the trachea and bronchi and reduces Phlegm so breathing is easier. For an asthmatic, the difference can be between life and death - for a normal person, they are not likely to notice much in the way of a benefit. It may help breathing in the short term, but it is unlikely as they have no inflammation of the airway and bronchi.

Also if used too often it will stiffen and thicken the trachea and bronchi, etc. to such an extent that they will now have a reduced capacity to inhale enough air to feed the body. This takes years of course but is a side effect one should know if they are using it.
This is one of the dangers of using Albuterol in PED doses by an inhaler.

The dose for performance enhancement is in the mg range.. 4-16mg a day, the dose for an asthmatic is 0.2mg (2 puffs of 100mcg) - this is a vast difference.
The inhalers dose per 100mcg (per actuation) and so if someone wanted a milligram of the drug, they would need to take 10 puffs. You can tell the cheats from the asthmatics by this fact. An asthmatic would take no more than 2-3 puffs, someone trying to get an edge will take 10+



yes, corticosteroids.

Excuse my language from the other post....my initial reaction was utter confusion about someone wanting to take albuterol (as i believed it was only in inhalant mode) when I've been taking it for 12 years and i wish i didn't have asthma haha.


Yeah.. google clenbuterol - this is also an asthma med, and very similar to albuterol in its actions - just a longer half life.

The info you read on clen for physique enhancement is pretty much the same as albuterol - except due to the longer half life of clen, it is less 'friendly'.


Yes. I still use it for this purpose.

I take a low dose before I do cardio, and I dont cycle it.

One dose 2 times a week isnt going to cause receptor down regulation, so you can use it as long as you like.

In highschool we used to abuse albuterol.
Runners, swimmers, soccer, football.
We didnt understand why it worked, but we'd just pass inhalers around and take like 8 puffs.

Theres always a few asthmatics on the teams, so its wasn't a problem.

Kids have been abusing asthma medication for years.


If I should make a feeble attempt to answer the question, I can only relate to clenbuterol, since I know of no one who has tried albuterol. A female friend of mine went from 90lbs to 83.8 lbs(she's only 4'11'') in a matter of two weeks, while not doing any cardio at all. She just stuck to her usual pattern of movement(going to work at the office etc.) and her regular, "normal-person" diet. Before the clen she seemed to be at +- 0 each day, calorie wise. Possibly, she was even at a calorie surplus. Going from this to losing that amount of weight in 2 weeks seems to indicate burning an extra 750+kcal each day.

She did fairly high dosages for her size (topped at 100-120mcg), but she seemed to be able to handle the sides so I guess it was okay. In fact, aside from some quite manageable shaking and sweating, she felt that the only real side effect was looking fantastic.


Did you calculate this?

No flame, genuine interest.


its also in pill and liquid form,