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Calories at Sushi Buffet


What do you think the average caloric count would be for someone with a substantial appetite at an all-you-can eat sushi buffet? Assuming that the vast majority eaten would be fish on rice...as well as plain sashimi..and possibly a small desert? This is pretty vague, but best guess as we talking the 3000 range?


Buffets and calorie counting do not mix

But speaking for myself, I could easily put down 5000+ calories at an all-you-can-eat Sushi bar. Easily.


I'm assuming the same..doing some rough math based on average calories per roll and per nigiri piece. IF I consumed about 20 pieces of nigiri like salmon on rice...and about 24 roll pieces..I'm at approx 2400kcal. I know I've eaten double that before. I may just have to say fuck it that night entirely.


This would be the correct course of action.

Just do whatever I do when I have a cheat meal...make up some self-reaffirming bullshit about glycogen and leptin and "resetting your metabolism" and then devour until your gut is distended! :slightly_smiling:


Postworkout carb-up for 'recovery'.

Besides, its much more fun to calculate how much money the poor bastards running the place are losing and correlate it to the face the manager is trying hard to stifle.


Lol..I'll do that man..tomorrow, I'll limit carbs and eat under maint...just so I can convince myself that I NEED to eat 5000 grand worth of rice on Wednesday.


You could drink as much water 20 min prior to eating, as well as, drink a protein shake and don't gorge yourself. Just because you eat at a buffett doesn't mean you have to be a pig or blow your diet. You can cheat without crushing your diet. Just something to think about.


What would be the point of going to then?

All you can eat sushi is the best. Here the one I like is 21$ for dinner. If I'm paying 21$, I want to be sure I eat my money's worth. If you want to count though, this source gives the average of around 50 cals per piece:



Change "may" to "will" and you're on the right track. Or if you can't do that then don't go.


When I used to go with lifting buddies we'd dip everything in the spicy mayo. I'm guessing a lot.

Buffets are for bulking, it's a law.


The simplest thing you can do is find the average amount of calories in a piece of sushi you order commonly and count the amount of rolls you eat at the buffet. calories in one piece x amount of pieces eaten = rough estimate


I disagree, the simplest would be to not care and enjoy a satisfying meal.


I would do the same, but judging by the fact he made this thread I doubt he will do that.


I will..but strangely, and even though there is no point, when I eat massive quantities..I still like to know my caloric breakdown.. lol.


Not only that, but smoke some pot beforehand. It'll help you pack down another 1000 calories or so.

It'll also take care of your "I care about counting calories" thing.


The last time I did that...I put down more nutter butters and cookies than I previously thought possible. The next morning I felt like shit.. :\


Winning!! : )


Just eat some Green Tea ice cream for dessert.

The fraction of a milligram of catechins it may contain will completely negate any detrimental effects the +9000 calorie feast would have on your physique goals.

Trust me, it's science. Check Pubmed...it's all there....somewhere around the back.


:frowning: lol


There's a cool vid on youtube of these big bodybuilders each putting away 100 pieces of sushi