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Calories Around Workout?

I was wondering if i was consuming too many calories in too short of a time period around my workout, causing my metabolism too slow and now allowing my body to use up the useful nutrients to grow.

I had class all day today and i got home at 230 and had a 400 calorie preworkout shake, then 45 min later was my workout felt good, not stuffed then workout (ABBH1) lasted 35 min so this is 80 min later im having my post wokrout drink roughtly 400-500 calories then 1 hour later i had a big postowrkout meal then hit the classes again…

Is that too many calories (@ least 1300) in a 2.5 hour period? or how should i separate it? Im thining knot since my body is using the nutrients but i want to hear yalls take on this…thanks

dude i dont think i would wory about it. i drink a gallon of milk in 5 hours and spend an hour at the gym. is it to much callories? mabey, but if its not affecting your progress, then just keep doing what your doing

dont worry about it, its not that many calories

My post workout shake is almost 1300 calories! don’t worry about it.