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Calories and Powerlifing

what is the recommended caloric intake for adult 30+ male on a powerlifting hypertrophy program? im working a 9-5 deskjob mon-friday, so fairly sedentary during those hours.
in a 2 and a half month period i have gone up from 210lbs to about 218lbs at a height of 6’2", consuming roughly 14/15 cal per pound. definitely have had some muscle and strength increases (legs and glutes most noticeably) but also have accumulated some padding as well.
training days i take in around 3250 calories, while resting days (non weight training) 3000+. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

What are your goals?

Gain size? Gain strength with minimal fat gain? Lean out?

my goals are muscle size and strength, however idk if im overthinking or not just bc i went up a waist size.

well, this can be complicated to be honest with you. a gain of 1.5lbs/wk doesnt seem like a lot, but at the rate that people build muscle, logic determines that you arent gaining 1.5lbs of muscle per week. water, glycogen, etc, etc…at 1.5/wk yes you are gaining some fat. if your body composition is staying the same as you gain weight and get stronger, that may be acceptable to you if your goals are mainly or purely powerlifting. if that’s the case, keep eating as you are quite light for your height by PL standards.

if you dont personally like the way you are gaining, make adjustments NOW. There is no reason, after gaining nearly 20lbs, if you dont like the composition of that 20lbs, to keep going and expect things to change for the better moving forward. in fact, in my experience (certainly backed up by many articles here as well) the more you gain, the more those muscle gains diminish. you may be gaining 3:1 muscle to fat right now, and that may gradually shift to 2:1, 1:1, etc. I am not trying to freak you out, or tell you to lose weight or even stop gaining weight. But be honest with yourself and your goals, maybe it’s just a matter of cleaning things up moving forward. The best way to gain and not turn into a fatass, is to KNOW what you are eating. “around” X calories will not cut it. It’s very easy to underestimate when you arent keeping meticulous track of things.

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@dez6485 dude, thanks for the feedback. i agree with you 100%. i think i need to make a few minor tweaks and ill be right as rain. i basically had the “oh fuck wheres my sixpack and why are my pants this tight” freakout, but in all honesty i think my increases are in the normal/expected region when it comes to muscle and strength gains. (i hope LOL)