Calories and/or Protein?

Are more overall calories absolutely needed in order to make good muscle gains, or could you rely mostly on adequate protein intake? I realize you need protein to repair broken down muscle, but I guess what I’m trying to get at is, is it possible to make decent gains while trying to lose body fat?

As in stay at your maintenance calories, but just protien to get to this amount of calories?

No, that will result in weight loss because you will have to take carbs/fats out then. To gain mass you must eat more than you would normally eat

you need adequate protein intake as part of a caloric surplus diet (calories in > calories needed to maintain current body mass) to increase muscle mass.

you need to decide if you want to build muscle or burn fat; you can’t do both at the same time. given your stats, you’d probably best worry about losing some body fat first.

I’ve been cutting and I have added a very small amount of LBM. I’ve also been adding weight to the bar, but very slowly. Think like 10 lbs in a month to my squat working weights. So regardless of protein levels, if you want to get bigger or stronger you have to eat more.

The other option is to do a clean bulk, by bulk I just mean eating over maintenance, and as your muscle mass increases you may even end up leaner then when you started.

If you are significantly overweight and pretty much untrained, I wouldn’t worry about either. I would focus on making better food choices and getting into the gym >=3/week.

After you know your way around the gym and aren’t as tempted by crap foods anymore, you can think about bulking and cutting.