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Calories and Musclemass


Is this correct?

"every pound of muscle the body gains, 50 extra calories are then burned a day"

Is it really that high?


Muscle has a huge metabolic effect on the body... that is why it is so bad to do crash diets to lose "weight", because you lose muscle and metabolism that way.

I'm not sure of the exact number, but it sounds right. Something like 50kcal per day per pound of muscle.


That doesn't even factor the greater amount of calories expended from activity and the action of even carrying around extra body weight. That is why trying to be that exact with how many calories you can predict to burn with added weight gain is largely a waste of time.

This is why people laugh at those logging claiming they eat a lot but they are only taking 2,000cals a day. I would feel sick in the gym if I dropped my caloric intake to that suddenly.


Very true.


I'd go with the prof on this one..... I spent the last 6 weeks gainning 4 lbs, after wich I took 5 days rest. To my dismay, and dispite active recovery, it would appear by today's measurements that I've returned to my body weight of 7 weeks ago. Even at the conservative estimate of 50cal/day, that would be an additional 1000cal that I didn't account for over my "rest" period. Strictly from a mantainence aspect. I would imagine the "true" number is greater than 50cal.