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Calories and Cardio While Bulking On Cycle

When it comes to diet and nutrition I’d say I’m pretty knowledgeable, on gear I’m not too sure.

So me and a friend was having a debate.

He says eat 4000-7000 calories and if you start getting fat do cardio

My point was why not drop the calories if you start getting fat, all the cardio is doing is burning the excess calories you’ve eaten so why not just reduce the calories.


Yes, cardio is stupid, IF fat loss is the only reason you are doing it. It increases cortisol, increases hunger and bangs up your knees/ankles.

Why spend an hour on the treadmill to burn two PBJ sandwiches when you can just skip both and enjoy doing what you like.

That was exactly my thoughts, I’m new when it comes to gear, but all I ever hear is eat as much as you can to get the most out of it, but I’d rather just keep adding calories until I’m gaining a bit too much fat then drop back a little. Just as I would do naturally.

what if PBJ sandwiches are what I like?

I actually fucking hate PBJ sandwiches. I have no idea why it’s even a thing.

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well, cardio isn’t just to burn more calories or lose fat…

steady state cardio (not HIIT) increases the size of the ventricular chamber, which means your heart can pump more blood with each stroke. this also lowers your heart rate.

lifting and HIIT increase the strength/thickness of your heart, which allows it to contract with more force. steroids (and high blood pressure and other things) also increase the thickness of the heart, which means doing cardio on cycle is a pretty good idea, from a longevity standpoint.

i’m not talking about marathon training, but 20+ minutes a couple times a week shouldn’t throw off your gains much, especially if you’re on cycle.

I used to think like this too… Until I started doing fasted morning walking…

The results are great.

My new thinking is… do morning cardio and eat. Rather than no cardio and less food…