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Calorie Tricks ?


anyone know of any useful tricks to burn a few extra calories in your day that dosent involve mindless cardio ?

little things you can do during the course of the day to be more active .. like walking around work more often .. taking the stairs instead of the escalators .. every little bit helps


Um......parking farthest away from any buildings you drive to so you have to walk, GPP programs, ........among numerous other things including talking alot, having sex more often, etc. etc.


Cardio doesn't have to be mindless. It is what you make of it, and I actually enjoy my time quite often.

Vary the exercises. Vary the intensity. Imagery works well. Music or audio books can help. Tabata.

It sometimes amuses me the constant putdown of aerobic type work. Like somehow the only manly workout has to be weight oriented. Depending on your current condition, you may only want/need cardio 2x per week. Surely you can find something you enjoy.

How about pushing yourself away from the table?


Use this site's search engine and check this article series out:

Losing Your Energy Balance by Dr. Lonnie Lowery.

There were 3 or 4 of them as I recall. Good info.


Don't drive in the first place. If it's less than like 10-20 miles there is no reason not to bike.


Definately a Cali. response;)

-10 on my way to work yesterday morning.


Have a nooner with the missus. Although make sure this is extra sex, and not just replacing a good shag from later on.


bathe/shower with cold water. shivering burns a ton of calories, but you'll find that it's quite miserable.


I read somewhere (not sure if it was here...) that drinking cold water instead of room temp can burn up to 100 calories a day. Something about how your body has to raise the temp of the water since its in your body, and calories=energy, therefore it burns calories.

Anyone ever hear of anything like this? Truth? Myth?


Absolute myth. In reality, it is something like 1.9 extra calories per glass of water. Not enough to make a difference.


What--you don't drink 50 glasses of water a day?


dehh ... i dunno about showering in cold water lol ... turtle sack is a big enuff problem already this time of year =0


50 shot glasses maybe. If you drank 50 glasses you would be getting a heap of extra exercise from walking to the toilet all day.


tap tap tap your foot

Being restless burns more calories.

So don't sit still


This one is great. I've picked up playin' racquetball and it is a fun way to burn some extra cals. Although it is tough the day after heavy squats oir deads.


I'm walking back and forth to work instead of taking the car. 7 km 5 days per week adds upp to a fair amount of calories over a year.


Buy a punching bag, a 110 pound bag will give you a good workout after about 20 minutes or so, beats the hell out of running. As far as riding a bike to work, no way in hell, I could make a 10 mile ride no problem, but I live 50 miles from the office and around here you'd have to worry about getting your ass run over. As far as being at the office, take the stairs, if you park in a parking garage, park on the top level and walk down to the enterance. Then in the evening time walk back up to the top level, decent workout, and it's a graded slope so you'll get a little more burn than if it was a standard walk.



Listening to Heavy Metal burns lots of calories (head banging, air guitar.....)