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Calorie Tracker

What is a good calorie counter that will track calories not only daily but, weekly intakes?

*Preferably online. I prefer to track on my desktop.

My Fitness Pal!


FatSecret really helped me, you can use it both with browser and smartphone app.

Second vote for My fitness pal.

Third on MFP. I does everything it needs to do and has a huge database. You have to keep in mind though that it’s really just estimates. Hell labels on food only need to be within 20% of actual content per FDA regs. You’re working with averages of averages (of averages if you’re looking at it weekly).

I use it as a general guideline and am not overly anal about it. Of course I don’t compete - your perspective would be different if your goals are different.

MFP works great. Another vote here

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