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Calorie Timing

Did a search but couldnt find anything - what are your protocols/thoughts on calorie (not nutrient) timing? Ie. Based purely on calories how do you time your meals? For example, i train 2x a day (strength & conditioning in the AM, martial arts skills in the evening), according to fitday i may be having 1x 250 cal meal, 1x 400 cal meal, 1x 1000 cal meal etc

Personally i follow the Anabolic Diet principles & train on an empty stomach first up in the AM. I assume i should consume the highest calorie meal straight after, as its not only a post workout meal, but my first meal & fuel for the day (breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince…) & 3rd largest calorie meal after my 2nd training session (post-workout but pre-bed meal), my 2nd largest 1.5-2 hrs before my 2nd training session?

Do whatever makes you feel better throughout the day. I know I feel a whole lot better with a big breakfast for example.