Calorie Target - Recomp

Weigh yourself daily first thing in the morning after morning piss; track it and average it by week. Do this for a week at 2500cal per day.

If weight stays the same, 2500cal is your maintenance.

If weight drops from week to week, then increase calories to 2750/day and track weight.

If you’re gaining weight at 2500cal (unlikely, but still) then reduce to 2250cal/day and track weight.

Go by weekly averages. Not day to day. Adjust calories up or down based on scale weight averages.


This is an easy one. First find your BMR, using a formula

Or having it checked (more accurate). Places that do the water test for BF % will usually have the machine to do this. Then, use a tracker or calculate your NEAT, for me that’s usually about 300-400 calories daily with a mostly-desk job. Then do the same for exercise, either using a tracker or a MET calculator online. Be honest about your level of exertion. Then, add them all up. That’s your TDEE, total calories expended during the day. Now eat less than that

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Height? Activity level outside of your gym time?

5’7 and I just aim to get 8,000 - 10,000 steps in per day. Gym in the morning, 9 hours in front a computer, get home, go for a walk. Rinse and repeat.

Wow you were quite heavy for being on the short side, 140kg? I’m same height and roughly same activity level. I target 2200cals for a moderate cut and 2500-2700 for maintenance at roughly 190-195 lbs. I would target 2700 or so with you activity level and being on gear. I think you should have waited to jump on but that ship has sailed. Might as well make good use of it.

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Blood work (trough TT, fT, SHBG)?
I see 140 kg weight and 67" height above? What’s your waist circumference?

You are asking for too much at one time.
You are trying to hit the gas and brake at same time. Very Hard to do and messes with your head. Ever thought about removing the bodyfat (try to minimize the muscle loss) then build the muscle to where you want your FFMI to be.

I’m curious what your blood results are on 200 mg/week (did you break that up into multiple shots per week)?

Here’s more info on a simple way to track your progress (hard to cheat) and better than BMI:

Get down below 0.5 (waist / height, preferably below ~0.46) to earn your “right” to abuse (ahem use) AAS.

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That’s what my buddy, who is the best personal trainer I know, uses as a rough metric as well.

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I will look into this. Will measure mine in the morning because now it looks like i am considered fat as shit(if i breathe out and let my guts fall all over the place).

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I should clarify that IMO this is achievable but not easy. I cut since January and my waist is still .5” greater than half my height. It’s kind of a “target” thing but certainly not a gold standard.

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Yea, mine is also exactly 5" more than half my height but i had breakfast and i did drink about 1 liter of liquid while at the gym… i will measure mine again in the morning, will see how it seems then…i guess its the best time to measure, right?

Its a cool way to look at it… just like - to keep in check or whatnot…

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5” or .5”? I meant mine was .5 or 1/2” greater rather.

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5 inches… 12cm…
Im 190cm tall, so my waist should be 95cm but its 107cm.

Wow, you guys are fat as hell! J/K but it’s a good quick check besides whether you can still fit in your pants.

Check in morning and don’t suck it in. Of course if you are really fat sucking it in ain’t going to help anyway.

Everyone asks what’s my BF like you can’t tell just by standing in the mirror…just measure your waist and know your height unless you are one of those genetic freaks who hide their bodyfat uniformly all over. For me, to get 10% BF (even the slightest vein on lower ab on my waist I have no BF on my chest and arms.

On a related note, here’s a great primer on venous access for cardiovascular procedures. Good info in there you should become familiar with before AAS hobby and you learn the correct name for some of your veins…


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Are you sure that you are measuring waist? Because 107 sounds a bit much to me. Im pretty fat right now like 17% BF I think and I’m at half pretty much. 180 cm and 90 cm at navel. True Waist is even slimmer.

At @blshaw s height I get it, because in my opinion it is not a completely linear relationship. The waist does not get linearly thinner when the overall height is lower.

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Tried to verify but couldn’t. Does someone know if height and waist sizes on average are proportional?

Though I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I stumbled upon this gem out of a paper:

Height was overestimated in both sexes while weight, waist, hip, and consequently, BMI and WHR were underestimated. Being male, shorter, heavier, older, and having no educational qualifications and manual occupation were independently associated with overreporting of height, and underreporting of weight was associated independently with being female, shorter, heavier, younger age, and higher education level and social class.

Males overstate their height while females underreport their weight. Mother biology at work again. Females on average like height and men on average like in shape females, one of the never changing facts about intersexual relations :smiley::smiley:

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Bro im just happy right now this is an online forum, might end up getting will smithed

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Haha, I couldn’t resist the meme. I used to be sensitive about it when younger but not so much anymore. I assertively state my height in multiple threads so I’m not ashamed. I usually use it as a way of telling the other manlets not to make excuses as to why they only weigh 150lbs. I wish I were taller no doubt, but it’s never held me back!

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I like knowing that tall people will almost always have shittier calves than me. It brings me peace.

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