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Calorie Surplus While on Cycle


Just began my first cycle this week (500mg test e/wk with frontload, adding dbol 30mg.day at week 5). After so much anxiety about the pinning I was surprised at what a nothing deal it was. I've been doing SC injects with MTII and I swear that was more painful than the ventrogluteal shot I did up monday. Anyway...

Question about the calorie surplus I want to be running to maximize gains on the test. Typically I'd run like 450 cal above "maintenance" while trying to gain, but I assume that while on gear I'd be able to go higher than that without it going to fat. How much of a surplus should I run, and should I wait until the test "kicks in" at week 4 (or whenever) before I increase it to that level?



Why not start at 450 cal above maintenance and see how that works after a couple of weeks. Adjust accordingly...


background, goals, stats?


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This thread outlines my background, et al...



I would start at 10% above maintenance, and then reevaluate after two weeks, never going above 15% above maintenance.




Yes, 10-15% sounds more reasonable, given that last time I did a "bulk" I ended up at 22% BF and had to spend 3 months on a bicycle to get back down to something not resembling Grimace from the McDonaldland Gang.


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Anyways, you should be aware for bulking or whatever you call it, it is not necessary nor acceptable to rise to such figures (22%). That is purely a result of eating an abundance of crap.. too much sugar with fat, trans fats and junk foods.

If you can get to that high a bodyfat (i never have in my life and i will work hard on never doing so..) i would suggest you use a cleaner diet when bulking. Keep tyhe wholegrain carbs, low GI and low fat (around 10-20% of total calories coming from EFA's etc. with upto 10% of those calories coming from saturated fats).

This is by far a harder but much better way to gain, and even though i barely touch 15% at my peak 'fatness' i still like to bulk like this. If you end up gaining upto a quarter of your body mass as fat, then you can be sure that to drop to 6% will cost you some muscle, or at least your sanity over the next third of a year!

Plus more of what you DO gain will actually be worth keeping, and you can eat more of a surplus of calories with less fat accumulation. Win win IMO.