Calorie Restriction

okay guys i need help

Everywhere i read about dieting people say the lower you go calorie-wise past a certain point the worse it is for your body. they talk about how tired they are and how they can barely function and these are people taking in upwords of 1800 calories. what i dont understand is why i was perfectly fine cutting wieght for wrestling season.

i was eating between 800 and 1200 calories daily, doing very long distance running and training in the wieghtroom idid this for over a month and a half and dropped 30 pounds can someone please clarify

You are a super human specimine. I think everyone is different. I can do the super low calorie thing for a couple days, but I always start dragging in the gym and my strength levels will start to drop.

I dont want to loose muscle while dieting. You did.

Also, stop hanging around whinny people. It’s a diet, not the end of the world.