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Calorie Requirements

How do calorie requirements change when you’re training neurologically(i.e. 1-5 reps or short sprints), if you want to get stronger but not necessarily bigger? I know they go down but how much? I want to eat enough to recover but not get fat. JB or anyone wanna shed some light? Thanks in advance.

King and Poliquin have both said that you don’t need as many calories when training neurologically as you do when training metabolically. But I’m not sure how you figure out the exact calculation. You’ll just have to tinker with your diet. Just be sure to always keep your protein up!

If you do not want to gain weight, then you can simply do so by monitoring your body-weight and fat levels on a daily basis. If you happen to stray of course in a given week, then simply make small adjustments to your diet to get back on track. Eventually you will be able to find the ideal level of caloric intake and things will get a lot easier (assuming that you have a problem in the first place).

If you are training 1x per day, go ahead and consume the same thing as other athletes would consume. Just simply adjust the remainder of your intake for the rest of the day to match your expenditure.