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Calorie Requirements and carb intake on DON'T DIET

Hey guys,
I’m doing the DON’T DIET variation of Massive Eating. Taking 25% off of JB’s formula for maintainance calories, I get around 2000 calories per day. I didn’t want to deal with low glyclogen levels decreasing metabolic rate, so I set the carbs at about 120 grams per day (including post-workout shake on training days). That adds up to 25% of daily calories. I have to divide those up in my c+p meals.

My meal schedule–I eat every 3 hours, 5 meals per day: 2 c+p, 1 f+p, 1 c+p (very low on the GI scale), 1 f+p, sleep.

Two questions: (1) I know JB’s probably sick of hearing naysayers but I am wondering how a person can lose fat on this amount of daily calories. With the increase in protein intake, maybe I add 100 cal for TEF but 25% off DON’T DIET’s maintainance level looks like maintainance level for most other diet plans!

When it comes to the Massive Eating plan, I totally buy the “fat threshold” explanation for huge calories, but I don’t understand why so many calories in the DON’T DIET variation. If anyone can explain it to me, please do.

(2) I’m concerned that I’m consuming too many carbs per meal, around 40 grams. I’m not passing out or anything, but it seems like 3 significantly large insulin spikes might knock me out of fatloss for the day. If I decrease the amount of carbs in the c+p meals, though, then I have to increase the number of c+p meals. Any suggestions, as far as meal scheduling and/or size?

Thanks to all,

Just curious as to where your finding your information for this “Dont Diet” plan? I did a search in the archives and have found no data but the “massive eating plan”.

Im losing around 2 pounds per week and JMB seems to be doing similar. I am doing alot of cardio (6-7 days and always after gym because the combo of weights and cardio for 1-2 hours is devestating on fat stores) and I think JMB does alot.

I actually am very sparing with my c+p meals (usually only 2 - pw drink and meal) and also very sparing with fat (sometimes just protein). JMB seems to be very much “less talk more action” so taking that sort of view Id say get serious with the diet and if results are too slow adjust it within JMB’s general structure. Its still by far the easiest diet Ive done with the best energy levels and muscle retention and the rate of fat loss is more than adequate.

The “Don’t Diet” diet is actually a post on the forum that I put up a few weeks ago. It’s something that John Berardi talked about at the Orlando Seminar. He will eventually post it as an article on T-mag. Basically, it’s “Massive Eating” where you calculate your needs, and then subtract 10-15 percent to lose weight instead of gaining weight. You also use the same meal combinations (protein + fat, low carb) or (protein + carbs, low fat). Also, the low carbs and low fat is less than 5 grams per meal! So in your case, if you’re doing a protein/fat meal and getting 40 grams in carbs, then that is way too much! You have to combine the right foods so that the third macronutrient (fat or carbs) is less than 5 grams. And yes this can be done. Just don’t expect to eat a typical dinner type meal. You can eat your chicken breast and vegetables…but no added fat! Or something similar to that! Eat your Chili, but don’t eat bread or other carbs with it! Is that cool? For more info, try to find the post. It’s called something like “The Don’t Diet Diet by John Berardi.” Hope that helps.

Nate, I’m taking in around 40 grams carbs for each of the carb and protein meals, not the protein and fat meals. Your notes from the seminar indicate 15% off but it seems JB modified his view since his recent “Appetite for Construction” says 25% off. He seemed pretty final in that article, so I’m wondering whether there still is a DON’T DIET article forthcoming. Brian

Brian, maybe JB will have a modified Don’t Diet plan to post. Especially if he is recommending 25% off instead of 10-15%. Also, I wasn’t sure if you were doing the 40 grams of carbs with protein/fat or protein/carbs. So I would say, in your case, you could probably get more carbs if you wanted to in your protein/carb meals. Hope that helps! Good luck!