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Calorie Requirement


When a particular source says that to cut,eat BWx15,to maintain eat BWx17 and to bulk eat bwx24 does this mean LBMx15 or total BWx15?

Say a person is 200 pounds at 20% bodyfat.He would then have a LBM of 180 pounds.

To lose weight,would he eat 15x200 or 15x180?


Depends each is different. Also NONE of them are correct and need personal adjustment.

I find the one used for T-Dawg 2 pretty close for me and many other 16x total BW as long as you are not very Over fat.


Oh and thats to maintain you then drop 500 to lose.


wouldnt a person with 20% bodyfat who weighs 200 pounds have a lean body mass of 160 pounds?


Yes, 160 is correct.




To get you body weight down to a certain level. You should take the weight you want to get to and times it by 5. IE if you weighed 250LBS to maintain that weight you wouldn?t want to eat anymore than 3750 calories if the person wanted to loose weight and have a target weight of 215 he wouldn?t want to eat anymore than 3225 calories.

This info came from the health doctors at USA boxing Colorado Springs, CO.


I think he means times by 15!


yes you right 15 sorry
thanks for Catching that

[quote]swerven wrote:
I think he means times by 15!