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Calorie Question


Ok, I just spent the last hour reading diet and nutrition articles and I still can't figure out what to do about my lack of calories. I am trying to eat around 3,500 calories a day (a daunting task for this 5"6' 150lb. novice) and after keeping a food log for a month I notice that I continually come up short. My protein intake is fine, but I need to add another 800 or so calories a day. Anyone have a favorite quick calorie gainer? I'm not talking about another meal, but rather something I can eat as a snack or before bed. I've considered drinking milk daily, but most of the articles here are split 50/50 when it comes to drinking milk and I don't know what to think. It also seems that the general feeling is buying a weight gainer would be pointless. Also, I read an article where someone suggested drinking straight olive oil. Is this effective? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!


Oil does work, but it is a little hard to drink by itself. I think a good idea would be to buy yourself a good protein supplement for before bed, one with casein and whey would be best. The only one I can think of would be Low-Carb Grow! Once you have this, mix it with the olive oil, it sounds gross but it is actually pretty good, kind of rich.


Drink the milk!!!

You are obviously bulking at that cal. intake so drink the milk. those opposed to milk 'think' that because of the lactose in milk you 'may' get an insulin spike. These same people would probably tell you not to eat the whole egg. There are alot of myths out there and also alot of misinformation because not every rule applies to every person. Get some 1% or skim if you prefer and drink away. It does a body good.

It also is a great way to make a shake before bed. Because of the protein makeup it is slow digesting. Mix some protein powder and some olive oil with it and you have a great bedtime snack.

The best time to introduce as many cals. as possible and have the body use them most efficiently is that 2-3 hour window after workout. Drink yourself a big recovery drink. An hour later eat something with alot of protein and complex carbs. Maybe try to jam another shake or walnuts, oralmonds, or beef jerky or some combination thereof.

This is alot of cals for a 150 lb novice. I hope you have a good plan in front of you. Good luck.


GOOD fats is an easy way to add k/cals, nuts fish oil, flax, avacados seeds natural nut butters.

Also drink calories. Milk, Grow!. etc.

Dense carbs sweet potatoes, rice, etc.

Good luck just aim to eat more every day.


Yet one more great post by Phill. Especially the advice with fats. It's amazing how easy it is to eat a lot of calories of nuts and peanut butter without feeling full. Of course, you need to be getting plenty of protein and carbs. But as long as that's covered, you're ok to fill in some holes with fat.


I have the same stats 5'6.5" 160 (seriouse lifting and eating 9 months) and I'm currently taking in 3000 cals, any more I gain fat. Like the guy said above hope you got a good plan and are watching your weight increase weekly to make sure you aren't gaining too much.


Peanut butter. Yum.


Even though I am 6'1" 205, I have had trouble eating my amount of calories, I give you a little clue.

Don't be afraid to do cardio in the morning, even if it's walking a mile, or run a mile. Trust me you'll be eating like a horse the rest of the day.