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Calorie/Protein Needs for Baseball Player?

Ok so have a few Q’s about gaining strength and keeping fat loss at a minimum, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Just some background info on myself is that i am a baseball player in College(pitcher)
i am 6’6 220 pounds
all Throughout my highschool years i was self conscious about my body as i was always a little overweight(love handles, man boobs)
i have been training for about 1 year now and have made some solid strength gains.
although due to the problem i mentioned above i was blind to the fact that i needed to EAT to grow.
i would try to consume about 2000 cals a day, some days i would hit that and then other days i would go way above eating crappy foods (burgers, fried chicken)
only in the last three weeks have i been serious about nutrition, With a goal of consuming 220-250 grams of protein pey day while also staying just under 3000 calories. my goal is to get as strong as possible over these next 2 to 3 months before our season starts so im wondering if i should up my protein and calroies? ( i am at about 20 % body fat now but i would like to get to 15-16%. Thats why i am hesitant of eating more than my maintenance level in calories. I undertsand that it isnt quite possible to gain muscle while losing fat)
My strength numbers are as follows: Front squat-275(max) Back Squat-315(max) Dumbbell Bench-80(6) Deadlift-405(max) (note: i Front squat around 8 months of the year compared to back squatting 4 months)
i have def made some strength gains since i started as those 3 lifts have went up over 100 pounds and my DB bench up about 30 in each hand.
these gains came mostly where i wasnt serious about nutrition eating crappy foods and putting in about 100-150 grams of protein.
So my question to anyone who would like to help is how should i go about my nutrition while my goals are to gain as much strength as possible while cutting down slightly on fat?