Calorie Manipulation

What do people think about manipulating calories on both a quantity and macronutrient level on a day to day basis dependant on when your training?

For example if you were aiming to eat 4000cals a day average, how about instead of doing the 4000cals a day straight how about 4400cals on training days with the majority of the extra 400 calories coming after workout and 3600cals on non training days.

Taking it a stage further could you not manipulate the macronutrients to your benefit too, for example 30p/40c/30f on training days and 40p/30c/30f on non training ie. slightly less carbs on non training days when less energy is required?

Would either or both of the methods be benificial for maximising muscle and minimising fat even further when following the massive eating plan (reloaded!)?



Works great for me. I have used that method while cutting. I would eat 500 below maint on non training days and 300 above on training days. I actually added all of the 800 extra k/cals in my pwo shake and first meal, all in 1 hr post w/o. I was able to put on LBM and still lean out.

I consistantly do somewhat the same every day also. With my PWO window containing about 1/3 of my daily k/cals.

I really dont think I would suggest dropping the cals on off days during a bulk though. You gotta remember that all the growing is done during recovery and not in the gym. So you need those k/cals on off days.

Hope that helps.


This just goes to show you that you have to find what works for you just like in training. I did not like doing this so it didnt work for me but Phill does like it and has made it work for him. So the only thing you can do is try it and see what happens. Good luck.