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Calorie/Macros in Contest Prep

In terms of a contest prep i.e retaining as much muscle as possible would it make a difference if you partitioned calories/macros based on weekly intake as opposed to daily.

For example if your intake is 2500 calories, think in terms of 17,500 calories weekly same with the macros. As long as training is properly fueled would it be ok?

So long as the distribution of cals/macros are within reason, I think it would be fine. (In this regard, I would point out that carb/calorie cycling is in essence a form of uneven distribution–of thinking weekly, not daily.)

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Weekly > daily. Hence (as was just mentioned), high and low days in accordance with the requirements of each given day of the week, yet yielding a weekly deficit.



What would be within reason and why would it matter?

Taking it to a reductio ad absurdum–if you were to eat your week’s worth of food in one day, then eat nothing the other six, I don’t think that would be as conducive to aesthetics enhancement as eating 2500 cals/d.

It would matter because muscle glycogen stores would get depleted, cortisol release would be stimulated, etc.

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