Calorie (KCAL)Confusion

There seems do be a little confusion circulating around the Forum lately about calories and macronutrients. I just wanted to attempt to clear things up, and see if you guys agree or disagree.

1)Calories DO count in that any excess over what we utilize causes us to GAIN weight (see below) and any deficit UNDER which we utilize causes us to LOSE weight.Okay.

2)The macronurients we injest (and subsequent ratios and amounts), in addition to both supplemetation and cardio, determine what the ratio and/or make-up of that gain or loss will be (in terms of LEAN mass vs. FAT mass).IN OTHER WORDS, WE NEED TO CONTINUALLY MONITOR BOTH OUR CALORIC INTAKE AND THE MAKE-UP OF WHAT WE EAT IN ORDER TO REACH OUR GOALS.

There seems to be a lot more “cals don’t matter” and “it doen’t matter what you eat:more you gain, less you lose” going around the Forum lately.

I think this is pretty much on track. Your thoughts?

I’ll give you one BIG example that lends credence to your
thoughts: If I eat a large starchy meal before I train, most
of the meal will be stored as fat. But if I eat that same
starchy meal after training hard, it will be stored as
glycogen, not fat! RIGHT…?


not always joey, but anyone who eats a large starchy meal before any excercise (like less than 2 hrs before) is an idiot, absolute idiot. I used to do it, but the insulin will totally mess up energy pathways, after all, it is the “anti-excercising” hormone, or something like that.