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Calorie Issues


I've got to find a way to consume 5-6000 calories a day and have absolutely no idea where to begin. Can you help me? I am a student so cost is a big issue, I also need to be able to take the majority of what I'm consuming with me onto campus. Please assume I will be on campus between 10-6 every day, training 12-4 or 9-1 most days.

Also, its for a new program I start on Monday. Its 4 sessions a week, 4 hours a day. With rest days Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Only on Wednesday, Sunday I have American Football, and on Saturdays I run for 90 minutes interval training. Would you recommend that I consume the target calories every day? Or just on training days.

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Charlie, what kind of training are you doing for 4 hours a day?

On Saturday and Sunday, prepare food for the rest of the week and store it in the freezer. Mince is ideal for protein, because you can cook a huge chilli; I would add baked beans and ground almonds (I just throw whole almonds in a blender till they're fine enough). Baked potatoes and rice are easy to cook in bulk. I used to make half my meals whole food and half blender shakes (with things like oats, nuts, whey, cottage cheese, eggs), so I could cut down prep time. Some days I would go to McDonalds a couple of times and order double cheeseburgers: get four of them and make two quadruple burgers by taking a couple of the buns away from each pair. I don't know if that is possible, because if you're on a proper campus, you may not have access to fast food. Is it possible for you to bring a cooler with you? That would be ideal.

Some of the cheap foods you can buy are: EVOO, oats, rice, potatoes (these cost me about six quid for 20kg for reference), cottage cheese, eggs, beef (mince is about �£6 a kilo), turkey, and tuna.

Get a magic bullet blender, a lot of tupperware containers in varying sizes, and some ziplock freezer bags.


Motor oil. Keeps ya running smooth and fairly dense in calories.


Forgot to mention that Burger King have some vouchers you can print off. One of them is a two for one Angus burger deal. You can get two double Angus burgers for under a fiver. If you remove two of the buns the breakdown is 102/44/90 P/C/F, roughly 1600Kcals.


Read SOME (you only need to read a few) of the hundreds of articles on sports and bodybuilding nutrition for gettign big found on here, or the thousands available on the internet.

Get a nutriton almanac.

Design an affordable and most convenient diet totaling 5000-6000 kcal per day.