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Calorie Issue!


Ok, so I have been on a 5,3,1 program for about three months now. Im 6'6" about 185, and I'm trying to put on weight with muscle. I can see the muscle gains from the program but I'm not really gaining any weight. I eat about 4 eggs and a greek yogurt in the morning and for lunch and dinner i either will eat chicken, a red meat, or tuna with a fruit and vegetable. I also have whey protein for my post workout shake. I try to eat more to gain weight and put on muscle but i am just staying at the same weight. I'm trying to figure out how many calories I should be eating each day. Help would be greatly appreciated!!!


More. Increase until you start gaining.


My guess would be to eat 3,000 cals including 200 grams of protein a day minimum. I don't know what yer current diet looks like, but sounds pretty light. If what you mentioned above is the total amount of food for the day then increase cals.


I realize that i need to just eat alot of food but I find it start to keep stuffing myself with food. I get full pretty quickly so that is one issue as to why I do not eat as much as I should.


One idea might be to try and consume more liquid calories throughout the day. Protein shakes with added fats or carbs, for example.


Yes. Also, after you start to consume the amount of food you should be eating it will be easy to maintain. I wouldn't double my intake overnight, but maybe 3 or 400 cals per week til you find a level that does the job.


It wont be an issue when you man the fuck up and stop complaining about a non existent problem.


That's your issue right there then.

My suggestion is to do this dirty, because you won't stomach the clean foods.

NOTE: not that these foods are Dirty per se, but basically as calorically dense as possible.

Peanut Butter
Olive Oil
Fatty meats

Do you think you can chase every meal with a table spoon of Natural peanut butter? Assuming 4-5 meals a day, thats an extra 4-500 calories.

Try this for breakfast:

6 Eggs
4 slices of bacon
2oz cheese
double glass of Milk (500ml) + Scoop of whey.

So tally that up we have approx:

Eggs - 420 cals
Bacon - 200 cals
Cheese - 200 cals
Milk + Whey - 150+150 = 300

So we just stuffed 1120 calories down your throat with food volume that would fit into a medium sized bowl and one large glass for liquid. You surly can do this?

I would have said have some oats or pancakes as well but we're going to stomach volume here. The carbs could be to much for you, so I'd suggest drinking them with your workout (Dextrose, Waxy or the sort).

And eat Pizza, burgers.

At your height dude shoot for 4000 cals with 300g protein.

One friend of my is 6'8" and was "athletic" at 225. He broke his leg in an accident and got to 280. He dieted to 190 or so with sick abz and decided he looked like a cancer patient.

He ate 5000 cals/day to START bulking and hit the weights hard. Now he's 290 carrying more lean mass than 99% of the people. Eat up.


How bout just not using the word "dirty" to begin with? if youre going to use it then add a note to say that they arent dirty. Maybe underweight newbs wont be afraid of the foods if people stop libeling them.



Thanks for your input!! I appreciate it!