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Calorie Intake?


alright im about 120lbs and im 15. i think i am very skinny and would like to put on about 20-30 lbs, of all muscle of course, but i know thats not going to happen in a short period of time. i workout daily, and i skateboard. i try not to run a lot. i was wondering how many calories i should be taking daily? right now i take in about 3000 calories.


What is your P/F/C ratio? Are you eating clean? Read Carb Cycling by CT.


If you're eating 3,000 calories, and you aren't gaining any weight, you need to eat...more than 3,000 calories. In fact, I wouldn't stress too much over counting numbers. Eat lots. If that doesn't work, eat lots more. As long as you're working out consistently, you'll encourage muscle growth (though, some fat gain is likely, and is normal).

Just to be sure, though, what does your daily menu look like? Exactly what (and at what times) did you eat today?

Also, when you say you work out everyday, what do you do (exercises, sets, and reps)?


How is that helpful to this kid?

To the OP. EAT EAT EAT. 3000 may be enough, but I doubt it. Just eat until you can't eat anymore. Keep it fairly clean, but shit at 15 you are still growing. You could hit a growth spurt and easily gain 30lbs in a year (not all muscle, not much muscle really). But that's ok. You're young. Don't worry about putting on fat. Concentrate on putting on weight. Don't worry about P/F/C, but do get enough of each.


I wouldnt even count calories if I were you. I would simply eat, sleep and work hard. Follow those three basics and by the time you're 21 you will be very happy with your body. I can't stress enough. Eat, sleep, work hard.


alright well i eat when i wake up, with a whey protein drink. then i eat again at like 2 and then i workout and then eat at 5 +whey protein and again at 7 and then maybe again at lik 10 or 11. and yea i do full body workouts everyday.


and sorry i don't really count everything i eat, i just eat a lot of calories and carbs and 120 grams of protein a day... possibly more.


You're not eating often enough. Eat every 2-3 hours. No exceptions. I know school can get in the way, but if you carry protein bars you can eat wherever/whenever.

You also need a much bigger breakfast, like 5 times what you are eating. A protein shake is not nearly enough. You need a lot of carbs, I mean a lot. Eat some oatmeal or have some toast. Something. Breakfast should be your biggest meal.

Also - full body workouts everyday? You need rest too.

Don't count, but do make sure you get more protein than just 120. Try for 180-200 a day, especially if you are working out as much as you are.


You cannot possibly be working hard enough if you are doing full body workouts every day.


Damn good advice. Especially at his age!


Add 10%. Give it 4 weeks and evaluatie.

Still no gains? Add another 10% and repeat.


Well, that's not quite what I meant when I asked "exactly" what you eat, and exactly how you're training, but anyway...as others have said, that's not a lot of food at all. Congrats on eating 5 times a day, but there's no reason you should go from breakfast to 2pm with no meals inbetween.

My general llist of recommended foods for guys in your situation: whole eggs (hard boiled eggs are awesome time-savers.), peanut butter (the little 12oz. jar will give you about 2,000 calories by itself. Kill 2 of them a week and you're golden.), whole milk, bagels, roast beef heroes, tuna salad sandwhiches, egg salad sandwiches.

Just because you're bulking up is not a free pass for Snickers bars, helmet-sized bowls of ice cream, or Super Big Gulps. Once in a while, fine, don't stress out. But they should not be the majority of your meals.

I'm still interested in how you're training. There are lots of different "full body workouts". If you're eating as much as you need to eat, the right training will help to make sure you don't become a chubber.