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Calorie Intake on Workout Days

Hey guys, I was wondering wether I should consume more calories on workout days than on non workout days.
I’m 22 years old, weight 65kgs, height 176 cm, BF around 10-12%.

Up untill now I used to look at my maintenance as BMR*1.2, then when bulking I’d add 200 surplus, with 200 extra on workout days and 150 extra on work days (bartending shifts).

I was wondering wether it would be more ideal to do a weekly average and then consume the same amount every day. Thoughts?

Are you bulking at the moment?

Do you put on fat easily?

I don’t know if I store fat easily, I guess so.
I am bulking from like 2 weeks ago, trying to eat on 200 surplus over maintenance.
If my maintenance is 2100, and I eat 2300. What do I do with workout calories? Should I consume these extra calories I’ve burnt on the same day (2300+200) or try to eat the same every day (2400).

I hope I was clear…