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Calorie Intake on T-Dawg 2.0?


Ok I'm just getting ready to start up t-dawg 2.0. and i was kind of perplexed by the calorie, protein, carb, fat intake.

OK so I'm 200 lbs, so that means my first week I need 3000 cals, after that 2500 cals.

carbs - 100/70g, which means 400/280 cals

protein - 300g, which means 1200 cals

so on training days I will have 400 cals of carb and 1200 cals of protein, thats only 1600 calories. How do I work this diet without taking in an extreme amount of protein? I hope this makes sense


1.5g protein/bodyweight seems adequate. If you really have a problem getting your cals in, you could increase P intake if youd like.


3000 cal days:

high carb:
100(4)+300(4)+X(9)= 3000
X being grams of fat, that would leave you with 155g fat/day.

Low carb:
70(4)+300(4)+X(9)= 3000

2500 cal days:

100(4)+300(4)+X(9)= 2500

70(4)+300(4)+X(9)= 2500
113g fat/day.

There you have it.


I just started the diet yesterday.

Your carb and protein numbers look correct. The rest of the calories will come from fats. For me, thats about 168g of fat (1517 calories).

This is my first attempt at a low carb diet, so that number sounded really high to me, but I'm giving it a shot.

In a week, when the total calories drop by 500, that is going to be exclusively fat calories, since the protein and carb guidelines do not change. (As long as I understand the diet correctly.)


I've never really looked at labels too much, except to make sure that most of the food i ate had at least twice as much protein as fat. Is 168g of fat a lot or not really?


It's a considerable amount of fat. Not impossible by any means, however. The first time I did T-Dawg 2.0, I had to try hard for the first few days to even get 100g of fat (skipped the break-in week since I was already on a low-carb diet). This time around I'm doing it with a few modifications to suit what I've found works for my body. Slightly higher carbs and lower fats, protein still around 1.5g/lb.

Fish oil, olive oil, nuts, eggs, cheese, and beef are your friends on this diet. One of my staple meals was to brown some ground beef in a pan, throw in 2 eggs and let them cook, then put cheese on top. Quick, easy, tasty, and almost zero carbs. Chili powder goes well on this.

Hard-boil 1 or 2 dozen eggs on Sunday and keep them in your fridge. These come in very handy.

Eat plenty of spinach and broccoli. And flax seeds in your shakes. You'll need it. I never count those carbs since it's practically all fiber.