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Calorie Intake & Nutrition?

Hey im 17 years old going to my final year in highschool, i weigh 240lbs and my height is 5"10

Can somebody tell me what my calorie intake should be & also tell me a diet plan that i can follow or atleast give me a great link/website that has some . Thanks guys i really appritiate it. Also should i be Drinking Proteing for losing weight and also increasing muscle? whey protein or isolate protein? thankkks allot

Do you know what your body fat % is? 240 lbs sounds pretty high for someone as young as you are. How long have you been weight training for?

If you are new to weight training it may be possible for you to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, but it’s hard to achieve unless you eat a pretty clean diet.

I honestly wouldn’t focus too much on the calories as much as I would focus on eating a clean diet. Basically, eat protein every meal. Eat vegetables every meal. Good sources of protein are: lean beef, chicken, fish. Good sources of carbohydrates are: brown rice, oatmeal, vegetables, fruit. Good sources of fat are: olive oil, peanut butter (within moderation), fish oil. If you stick to eating those foods every meal, you don’t really have to count calories, you will end up losing fat.