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Calorie Intake During Week Off

I have been bulking since the beginning of September and I have gained 25 pounds (170 to 195). After nearly 4 months of lifting more intensely than I ever have in the past, my body and my joints especially feel like they need a week off.

Currently I am eating about 4500 calories on nonlifting days and around 4700-4800 calories on lifting days. During my week off, I do not want to lose any weight, but I also do not know if it is wise to keep eating the amount of food that I eat to gain weight since I will not be working out. I don’t want to knock my body out of weight-gaining mode, but I don’t want to overeat excessively when not training and just put on fat.

When (If) any of you take a week off, how do you eat? Maintenance? A little over maintenance? Thanks for any help guys.

Its one week bro you are not going to become fat and the little excess will go to recovery and growth. I say keep it the same or near it if your looking to keep all your weight and recover. If really worried drop the carbs for more fat and protein.


Oh and a deload or off week doesnt mean you cant be active just dont hjit the weights hard go play bro, sports chase some tail etc.


With the rest week being for full recovery, I eat the same. After four to six wks. of intense lifting, you need it.

Thanks for the replies guys, I guess I’ll keep it somewhere near my nonlifting day intake (4500 cals). I appreciate the help.

I doubt it’ll make you a fat ass in one week. Take the dog for a few extra walks, play some basketball if you have to…but otherwise rest up and eat some good food.

I don’t know about for you, but for me my week off calories are almost automatically lower bc of the abscence of the pre/post workout shakes that are filled with carbs and protein.