calorie intake during layoff

After my huge breakfast this morning that consisited of eight eggs, five sausage patties, and four biscuts i got to thinking. I’m currently in the second week of a two week break from lifting so my question is, how many calories should i be taking in daily. I want to hold on to my muscle with a minimal increase in BF. oh and by the way im 19 and 150 lbs and trying to do at leats 30 min. of carido 5-6 days a week during my layoff.


at 150 pounds you should be eating

why are you taking a 2 week break from lifting?

Cutting down on carbs would be a good idea.

If you are trying to maintain LBM and keep the fat low then I doubt 4 biscuits mixed with hella lot of sat. fat is going to make JB jump for joy. But then again, you may not be following massive eating; however, you should start.

And to add to everyone else’s posts…why the hell are you taking a 2 week break?

i’ve been lifting for about four years going balls out everytime i go into the gym. I haven’t taken more than 4 or five days in row off and my body is finally breaking down from it. Muscle pulls, a tweak here and there, and every time i manage to lift i fee like shit when im done. so after getting help on another one of my threads i decided to take some time off. And by the way 95% of the time i don’t eat like that for breakfast. Im home for spring break and my dad cooked it up and i said fuck it and ate the shit outta some sausage and biscuts