Calorie Intake and Strength Training Program

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I was gyming before for almost 5 months to the stronglifts 5x5 program but my diet was absolutely fucked. I am a 175cm tall male, about 71kg, and I fucked up my input into MFP since I am an office worker. MFP crunched my calorie numbers to just 1600cals a day when i should have been eating around 2300cals. So I made zero gains, went all sad and quit. Now I know planning is key and I am hoping to make a smarter plan and start making some gains.

^^^^ here is a post I made earlier when I realised how badly i fucked up. Anways since then I went on holidays and was sick for a while and a lot travelling meant I ended up losing a lot of weight. Went for approx 73kg to 66kg.

I am getting back into it and I am going with the GZCLP program for beginners. I did a calorie check and I have ended up with 2300 cals for a 22 male, 175cm and 66kg, light activity but sedentary job and trying to making muscle gains. does that number seem correct to you guys??

Also for macros I am going with 1.5g/lb which comes out to be around 3g/kg. Thats means I need to eat around 200cals of protein. Therefore to achieve this my macros ratio in MFP is 40% carbs, 25% fat and 35% protien. I am parnoid now cause I dont want to waste another six months gymming with no gains. So please help and let me know what u think of the GZCLP program, my calorie intake of 2300 cals and macro %.

2300 doesn’t sound unrealistic.

It’s only ever an estimate. Once you start eating to it consistently and observing the changes on the scale you’ll know if it’s at maintenance, surplus or deficit. Weight changing too fast = too big a deficit/surplus. Adjust accordingly

Consistency where’s people hit the road bumps. Set up a system or do some meal prepping to make it easier for you to stick with your diet.

May be a bit contentious but protein seems a bit high. I use 1g/lb or 2g/kg which is plenty except when dieted down where It’s a bit higher. Don’t skimp on carbs: dat shit is your fuel source.

I’d say protein is high too. Around 150-180 grams per day should be ample, make up the calories left over with carbs.

Remember sugar is carb. Flexibledietlyf


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Also awesome, so probs reduce protien intake to 150g per day. 2,300 cals is only an estimate so monitor my weight. Well technically I am just trying to bullk and out on muscle, so how should my weight be icnreasing? Also I am eating completely clean. I am the most joyless man on earth, so food isnt an issue.

Need exactly 156.5g or you make no gains lel

Relatively slowly depending on how advanced a lifter you are. You can only gain muscle so fast. Weight gain in excess of this rate will be fat.

Have 1 lb/week gain for those towards the novice end and 0.5lb/ week for the more experienced lifters in my head. Don’t remember where I got that from tho.Take it slow mane as long as your lifting and your weight is trending upwards slowly over time you’re making dem gainz.

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