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Calorie Free Foods

See, it’s like this: the only calorie free foods that I can really find are sugar free jello and sugar free popsicles, and I think even the popsicles have some calories (I haven’t eaten any since last summer). Besides water and diet soda, do you all have any VERY low calories, or calorie-free food ideas?

Raw broccoli and cauliflower has practically no calories.


Maybe because sometimes when you diet, you get hungry, and you want to eat alot. So instead of shoving your face with pizza; you go with some brocolli, or a couple of sugar free pops and a Diet Coke.

Well, from personal experience, while dieting down for contests, fibrous vegetables are great. Brocolli, cauliflower, celery (has a negative calorie level due to digestive cost)they are all pretty useful. Sugar free gum and crystal light save my hiney a lot of the time. In the end, nothing really satiates you when your on a strict diet. You’ll be hungry alot, and you have to rise above with willpower. Thats the true measure of a man. Shoving a pizza down your hole shouldn’t even come into your mind if your serious about what you are doing.

You’re not telling me anyting new here…

Head of lettuce

It’s funny that you guys mention brocolli and cauliflower. Lately I’ve caught myself eating both of them raw, and I HATE raw brocolli… well, I used to anyway. Any other veggies? I would imagine almost anything green and not sweet would be good, too. Oh, and hey, I beat the lure of the pizza tonight. I was working for three hours with half a pizza sitting ten feet away. My stomach was kicking the hell out of me, but I ignored it and drank my water. Me 1, Pizza 0.

So, Poman, let’s say you’re a real, true-blue, human being and you’re getting ready for a show. And the diet is starting to get to you - to the point when you’re in the grocery store and every damn baked good in the bakery smells good(and the goddamn Twinkies smell good - three aisles away)- and that spurs on a hurt of a “need” to eat. Well, then the items mentioned in this thread may help to alleviate that “need” as well as a good session of posing practice. 'k?

I get a big jar of pepperoncini peppers (yellow peppers) at BJs. Very low cal and 3-4 of them keeps me going. Dill pickles too.


what would change if you boiled the cauliflower or broccoli? i can eat those no problem if they are boiled, but raw i dunno…

Rappini rules! Eat it!

Well, I just did a show on the 6th, so I know how hungry you get when you are down in the 5% range. What I don’t get is what the hell your talking about? What I’m trying to point out is, of course your body craves twinkies and pizza and ice cream, but as a bodybuilder it helps to realize this is a mechanism for survival that your body has to keep yourself alive in times of low calorie “lean times”. These are simply the most calorie dense foods. Of course, if you can’t keep your urges under control, you can always install a cheat day.

From my understanding, cooking brocolli and cauliflower increases the DIGESTABLE carb content by breaking down some of the fiber that is undigestable when raw and therefore increases it’s calorie content. When on low carb diet, I always eat my brocolli and caulifower raw. Also, for Choad, I agree with IClight on practically anything pickled. I love to snack on pickled peppers and various pickled veggies (pickled brussel sprouts, okra, cauliflower, cocktail onions, and various pickles in general). Check the label but most pickled products are only 5-10 calories per serving and are an almost calorie free taste treat. Just don’t eat the whole jar.

Celery, cukes, cabbage,and radishes, are allaround 5 calories per oz.

another low calorie food… IS MY FIST! 100% WHOPASS! OOOH YEA!

Ok, let’s not get into a flaming session here…Poman, I don’t think you understood the nature of our posts; so let’s just leave it at that…both of you have a nice day :slight_smile:

Sure, a single serving of whoopass looks like it has no calories … but what about a whole can? Say, for example, if you opened a can of whoopass on me, would that contain calories???

Spagetti squash rocks. Cut one in half, bake in the oven in about a 1/2 inch of water for about 45 min. Pour some low cal tomato sauce over top or a bit of olive oil and garlic and eat up. IT has about a quarter of the calories of real spagetti, so you can eat lots.

Wasn’t tryin’ to flame anyone…was just answering a question actually. Yes, there are some of us more experienced competitors that have learned that (during a precontest cycle) food is a tool - not there to salivate and enjoy. However there are many “newbies” who have not gotten to that point and do need to be provided options. My “facetious” nature flared up in that post is all…:wink: