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Calorie-Free, Aspartame-Free Flavor . . .


Hey, does Biotest plan to start selling the liquid flavoring that comes with the AP 1/2 and the SWF separately? Cuz damn, I use two caps for workouts, and then like 3-5 just through the rest of the day. That stuff be yummy, yo.

And to the great readers of TMag, are there any calorie-free, aspartame-free flavor-additions you've found for spicing up that gallon of water? I was looking at Adam's Extract, but only for the butter - http://www.adamsextract.com/product.asp?ProductID=10684


ttt. I know someone has the answer. Even Biotest must know . . .


For butter flavoring when you're REALLY watching your macros, I Can't Believe It's NOt Butter! Spray works well.

* Nutrition Facts for Spray

* Serving Size:
* 1 Spray(0.20g) For Cooking Spray, 5 Sprays(1g) for topping

* Servings Per Container:
* 1130 For Cooking Spray, 226 for topping

* Calories:
* 0


I've used the butter flavoring before...it's very concentrated. I've put it in almond flour pancakes and muffins, as well as on baked apples, on occasion. I think you can also add it to veggies after they've been cooked for a calorie-free butter taste, though it won't have the same mouthfeel without fat present (which spreads flavors across the tongue).

Re: water - I throw about 1 teabag/14 oz water into a pitcher overnight in the fridge for cold-brewed iced tea. In the morning, it's brewed and ready to drink. Lots of great green/white teas like mango, jasmine, or berry. I can down all 72 oz of my pitcher easily, and usually manage to cram in more water before/during/after a workout. Calorie-free and usually doesn't need sweetened, though sometimes I'll drop in a packet of stevia or two. Also try here: http://capellaflavordrops.com/. Some have sweetener, some none, and they also make stuff with stevia specifically for adding to water.


Gracias, Rocky. Though I do use real butter when it's called for. I do recommend the Lack of Belief to some of my clients, though.

Artemisia, thanks for the link. That's definitely what I was lookin' for!


Wow that flavoring looks good. I'll have to pick some up.

They have so many ridiculous flavors haha. Peanut Butter?


Thanks for this, could prove useful in the future.


You're quite welcome. :wink:


walden farms.


i buy calorie/sugar free flavoring for my unflavored whey i buy in bulk. PM me if you wanna know where.