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Calorie Expenditure: TUT or Work?

Which of the follwoing two creates a greater calorie deficit:

- TUT (ie Greater TUT/fewer reps)

- Work(ie Shorter TUT/higher reps)

Assuming that the same weight and exercise was performed.

PS: Yes I’m anal :wink:


just a guess here, but i would say more work would require more calories in the actucal workout and not so much after (as compared to TUT), however TUT (assuming you are increasing mostly the eccentric part)would cause more damage and would require more calories to recovery (so therefore i feel TUT would burn more total calories). But if you are dieting most experts (JMB, bill roberts and few others)prefer to shorter the eccentric and TUT when calories are below maintance.

If you used the same weight and did more reps a large amount of momentum would occur meaning less work done in the final range of motion, faster reps will also call into play more fibres initially. if you are doing more of a greater TUT make sure that most of it is from a concentric portion than the eccentric as concentric requires more energy due to greater cross bridge recycling.

Look up John Berardi’s Massive Eating. He has a listing for calorie expenditure for just about everything. Even for just living. It’s pretty detailed.

your goal in a workout should not be to burn calories. It should be to shock the body into becoming stronger whehter by the neuro or the muscular system, or both. If you want to lose fat you need to kick up your metabolism or RMR and you need to start getting your body accostumed to using stored fat as an energy source. laters pk