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Calorie Expedenture Question


I have a few questions regarding Calorie Expendture during excercise in my case running....

I have been competively running for 4 years. I have made many progressions also and was wondering do I burn less calories say during a 30 minute run now than when i would if i just started just say gong at the same intensity?

for instance, does my body get so used to running long distances that it takes less energy to do the same distnace/intensity?

i dont knwo if this has anythignto do with it but, could metabolism take in any critical points in this also if i have a messed up metabolism through bad eating habits in the past...as far as thryroid problems also...


Yes, you do become more "energy efficient" when you improve your running. You improve your technique etc. which make you able to run the same distance at the same time and use less energy (defining intensity as going at a certain speed).

However, I'm not sure of the magnitude of this improvement. I still think that moving a certain weight a certain distance against a certain resistance is the most important thing according to the laws of physics.


You are more than likely moving less weight than when you first started running 4 years ago. That is, if you've lost weight from this activity.

So now you may be running the same distance, but your body is working less and more efficiently because it is moving lees and it is used to the activity. Vary your run and perhaps add a weight vest. This will be new to your body and it will have to adapt to these new variables.