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Calorie Elimination


so are people fat because they don't ever take a shit? if i held my poo, would i gain weight? i know im really bad at gaining weight, i eat whenever i have anything in my house/any money but im not sure what foods give you really good gains. so yea i was wondering what calories have to do with using the bathroom, how much calories do yoiu waste going to the bathroom everyday?


First I have to ask this....how is it possible that anyone is stupid enough to think that not shitting will put weight on.

But anyways if you dont shit you will weigh more but it wont stay on because you have to shit. By the time your food has turned into shit your body is done pulling any calories out of it, so take your shits. And if you cant put on weight you need to eat more. And as for foods eat lots of natural peanut butter, olive oil,, breads and pasta just keep eating.
Hope that helps.


Are you retarded? Seriously?

Do you have any concept of how the body works?

Lemme sum it up for ya...once it's crap it's gone, it's passed all absorption points in the body and it's to be eliminated.


you absorb the poo in other ways, like when you eat it. TRY IT


mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm!!! poo-protein shake!


I guess that explains why he is 5'8" and only weighs 120lbs. He might be able to eat something if he drops that 4 day old load he's been carrying in an attempt to "gain weight".

A kid told me in elementary school that if you want to get big, you should sleep on your back. That way you don't poot the weight out as would happen if you slept on your stomach.


Where the hell did you go to school?


I don't know what these people are talking about because I avoid the bathroom at all costs and I have gained 25 pounds of LBM in 2 months. (Sarcasm)


Gives a new meaning to increasing your load.


Gives a new meaning to "being full of shit" also.


And I was hoping for some intelligent discourse on something.

Maybe fiber in the diet and cholesterol and bile salt elimination resulting in direct calorie elimination and increased calorie use to resynthesize that which was lost.

But no. The think tank is reduced to the level of determining whether or not holding your shit permanently will help you gain LBM.

Is that why they sell products called NO-Explode? To keep the shit in? Is there some type of binder in them or something?

I hereby dub this thread the stink tank, for obvious reasons. Hey, this in no way implies that ownership or anything like that...

And wipe that shit eating grin off your face while you are at it!


As well as a "dumb ass" who has "shit for brains".