Calorie Cycling??

so we know all about Carb cycling, and changing your gym routine regularly to keep your body guessing/shocked

so is there any benefit to do calorie cycling??? eg for fat loss,

eg maybe your cheat meal days, you go all out and go on a calorie excess binge as opposed to your calorie shortage…

just curious

Alright, so, I’ve talked to many people inside and outside of the gym and they have this very same question (or ones similar to it). Weither your a weekend warrior, serious athlete or a guy who just wants to train hard and look good we all have the same goal - to look good ‘nekkid’. But I digress…

So, by doing the following ‘cycle’ it’ll allow you to manage your calorie in vs. calorie out.

(By Monthly)

Week 1: High Stress Training Week, you can consume just above maintenance level (500 - 600 kcal)
Week 2: Medium Stress Training Week, you can consume maintenance level or 200 - 300 kcal over.
Week 3: Very High Stesss Training Week (Planned Overload), during this week, you’ll be pushing yourself to new fitness heights, therefore you’ll want to eat well above maitenance.
Week 4: Low Stress (Most people refer to this as a ‘deadload’ or ‘unload week’) During this week, I’d recommend eating at maitenance level.

As you can see, the general plan is to have two weeks of caloric surplus and than two weeks of the month, the goal is to get slightly leaner. If you follow this template, after awghile you will drop bodyfat and add muscle to your frame.