calorie cycling

I’ve always liked the idea nehind the t-dawg diet, where you’re on a low carb, calorie deficit diet 6 days a week, and then the one day carb-up. I recently read some theory by Scott Connelly (the MetRX guy) that you should randomnly cycle calories between 70% and 125% of your actual requirements each day. Has anyone heard this, or have any thoughts?

Pasquale recommends this too. The object is to have a weekly caloric intake goal (your daily intake times seven) but to eat slightly less or more each day to get that number. Honestly, I’ve never tried it.

Dr. Squat, Fred Hatfield, has a very good diet called the zig zag diet where you cycle between higer calories for a few days and lower calories for a few days. The goal is to gain lean mass with a minimum of fat or to lose fat with a minimum of lean mass. I think you can read more at