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Calorie Cycling for Fat Loss?

Hi all, been trying calorie cycling and was looking for some opinions / perspectives the Plan I’ve been following based on some advice with heavier weekends with heavy lifting days and then low calorie weekdays.

Goal is to lose around 2lbs per week and get back to around 12-15% bodyfat. Definitely more of a lifestyle trainer but love getting back in shape and have been enjoying it since restarting a month and a half ago.

My stats

  • 6’1
  • 234
  • 27% bf
  • 2100 time (lab measured)
  • 2300 bmr (Dexa sedentary)


  • Lift 45 minutes 4 times a week high intensity
  • walk for about an hour 4-5 times a week at slow dog walking pace


  • Eating around 14000 calories a week which averages 2k a day.
  • eating 2800-3200 per day on sat and sun with heavy lifting.
  • non weekend says are 1500-2000 depending on lifting day or not.

Eating high protein to help minimize muscle lost across the board.

What’s your take on plans of this nature. Again, looking for a more balanced approach that enables me to enjoy weekends and flexibility in diet. Targeting around 1.5 - 2lbs of kiss a week to get back to 12-15% bodyfat. Moderate dexa activity had me around 2800 for maintenance.

Thanks all

At 234 2,000 calories a day is too low to start off on.

Just set your protein and fat, then do like 2800 cals on lift days and like 2300 on off days.

A lot of numbers being banded about here, some of which don’t seem to tally up to me. I am making some general assumptions based on this. So for your target weight, you are looking to cut about 30lbs of fat? If so:

  • 30lbs of fat = 105,000 kcals
  • current TDEE = 2,800
  • target intake = 14,000 kcals per week (so 2,000 kcals a day (ave))
  • daily deficit = 800 kcals
  • 105,000 divided by 800 = 131 days

So, you are looking at a good 4 and a bit months to target weight. Factor in the odd lapse (for whatever reason) and this may take you closer to 5-6 months.

Assuming you are content with the approach and have the discipline to sustain it, then you probably don’t need the opinion of others.


i am advised to take 1600 calories in a day . any advice for supplementation ?
VidMate 9Apps

Appreciate it!

This a good plan…

Start with basics like vitd3, creatine, fish oil and possibly some bcca product intra workout.
If have some coin Biotest supps are top notch