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Calorie Counting?


how do i find out the amount of calories in the food im eating every day? An example would be a cheese burger with a side of fries or serving of spagettie. thanks


I use www.fitday.com to log calories, its free and has most foods if you look hard enough. Give it a shot


When I was building my spreadsheet I found these two sites helpful:


Having a spreadsheet makes things a lot easier. Once you have most of the foods you eat regularly in the spreadsheet, you can just cut and paste in your daily meals. It makes weekly and monthly tracking and daily averaging very easy as well.




Those two replies sum it all up. I just found Fitday.com, and I have used calorieking.com for awhile now. I find that calorieking has more choice, such as fast food stuff by name, etc. Fitday, IMHO doesn't have the nutritional values of alot of the food I eat. However, since I eat alot of the same foods daily, once I enter a custom food, I can just select it again. So, after a week or so of entering alot of custom foods, it becomes much easier.

I also started with a spreadsheet made from reading the nutritional values of the packages from food I eat.

One thing I find odd about fitday ( maybe it's just me? ) is that I enter all the portion sizes as 1 cup. Then when I select that food next time, it seems to arbitrarily make the portion size one litre. So, until I make the corrections ( which only takes a second ) my calorie total for the day is like 10,000 calories. :wink:

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thanks a lot guys this will me find out how much im eating now, which im sure is not enough, and then add what is nesessary. I will grow now.


I just wanted to point out something that I hope you are already aware of.

I use fitday.com also and it's a great site. It will break down your fat, protein, carbs into percentages and even shows a part chart.. really cool. However, make sure you know what fats are considered good fats and what carbs are considered good carbs.. etc.

It just caught me off gaurd when you asked for calorie of a cheeseburger and fries. Hopefully this is not something you are eating everyday to reach your goals. There are lots of articles on what to eat and when if you search the archives. Don't just go by percentages is all I wanted to say really.

Good luck with your goals.


Yeah that's the only bad thing about fitday. If you only look at kcal and macro %, (Which is all you have to go on) you can't tell the diff between 40 grams of oats and 40 grams of refined sugar. Of course, if you're eating clean and have a brain, it really doesn't matter. Also remember that they do the net carb thing, so you can have more carb grams than protein, but still come out with a higher protein %, due to fiber content.


No kidding. If I don't watch it I'm getting a liter of fish oil a day.

Now that you've done fitday and calorie king for awhile, which one do you like better?


I also don't weigh or gauge out portion sizes. I mostly just guess. Since I can tell what direction my body is headed with a mirror and a scale, I use Fitday as a guide only.

I was using CalorieKing exclusively, and only getting the info from it, then entering everything into my own spreadsheet. After finding Fitday, I now enter everything at the Fitday site. I use CalorieKing to find nutritional information from 'custom' foods because I find Fitday's database way lacking compared to CalorieKing's. In other words to make a short story long, I use Fitday to store all the info, and CalorieKing to look up nutritional values of anything that isn't 'stock' at Fitday.

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That's a damn good idea. I'm gonna steal it if you don't mind.


Of course you are more than welcome to. That would probably be the first time, I have ever helped anyone here. And I have sure taken alot from this place.

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