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Calorie Counting?!?!

im new to dieting. i used to eat a crapload and lift heavy. now im losing weight, dieting, and doing cardio.
anyway, ive been eating whole foods. its going great, im losin great weight. the problem: without noticing ive been eating mostly protein, i’d say between 70-80% protein. i figured this out after reading some diet info(and my girlfriend was bitching that i never ate carbs. ha.) this was fine and dandy when i was bulking(cause i ate tooons of calories then), but now im starting to gain weight again. ive lost some muscle mass as well.

frustrated, i read some more stuff and found out that a high protein diet will do that. you lose weight quick, but you start to gain it back, have low energy, lose muscle mass, etc. i read that your body is burning some of the protein for energy and the fat that comes with the protein is still getting stored!

so, im starting to shock my body back into burning carbs for energy. yesterday i didnt do any workouts, ate almost all carbs. today im gonna do minimal working out, load up on carbs again.

im asking advice from you guys on how to count calories in food??? i need to be able to find out how many calories are in certain whole foods and how many carbs/protein are in them also. ive finally got a good workout routine and im producing great results, but my diet is wacky and its screwing it up.
i dont eat anything pre-made. i cook whole foods and travel with them for work/school.
small list of foods:
red/yellow/green peppers
lean beef
sweet potato
apples oranges banana strawberry
i pre make my meals for the day, so i have complete control over my diet. its made up solely of whole foods like the ones i listed. any help, links?, info, advice, whatever. im helpless right now… i thought i was kicking ass in the diet world. i cant believe my girlfriend was right… that fucking sucks!

Carbs/ 4cals per gram
Protein/ 4cals per gram
fat/ 9cals per gram

thanks boss. thats exactly what i needed.

less carbs
more fats like olive oil, nuts, eggs, and cheese