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Calorie Counting and Shakes

I’m following the Massive Eating guideline & Solving the Post Workout Puzzle guides… I’m moderately sensitive and it suggests 40%p 30%f & 30%c for division of the intake of the different macronutrients.

I arrived at having to consume X calories per day, so to say, as per the calculator on the guideline page.

Furthermore I have to take PWO shakes @ the recommendation also of .4gP/kg & .8gC/kg after workouts.

I question if I’m doing things right. Since I can understand that I could’ve mis-understood things. When looking forward to doing 2 cardio sessions on cardio days… I go into a negative balace (overage) of carbs if I subtract the grams of P & C in the 2 pwo shakes from my cardio day intake calculation. Furthermore I imagine those insensitive folk probably can’t even take a recommended shake without reducing its recommended amount of carbs and probably having to eliminate carbs alltogether as far as solid food is concerned.

So quesiton is, do I with x calories I must comsume on a given day do:

a. divide the macronutrients up as per the 40-30-30 ratio, then subtract the shakes grams of P & C, and base my meals on the remainder grams of PFC (on weight days math works out just fine)


b. subtract the total calorie count of the shake instead, with this remainder amount of calories divide them up and base my food meals on this, thus preserving the 40-30-30 ratio in the actual solid food? (on cardio days?)

Furthermore, in one of those post workout articles it was recommended to have .4gP/kg & .8gC/kg 3 times after a cardio workout within the 6 hour window in 2 hour intervals. I am looking to do 3 30min cardio sessions a day since I have the time for it and think it may do me well (no opinions needed on that please). The problem is it doesn’t seem I can follow both guidelines at the same time, it might have to be either one or the other.

What do you suggest because with 3 evenly spaced cardio sessions throughout the day the 6 hour windows overlap… How about the P+F meals eliminate them completely or just arbitrarily pick 3 meals to add fat to them and abide by the .4 & .8 ratio the rest of the time??


Personally think you are making this to hard on your self and over thinking.

On cardio days I would simply eat in the intake ratios both macros and k/cals you have lined out be it shakes or food.

The PWO shake yes the P and C count to the total as does the calories.

Hope that helps,