Calorie Content Websites

Does anyone know any websites that list the calorie contents (macronutrient content would be helpful as well) of different foods?

I’ve also heard of websites where you can enter the amounts you eat of each food and it gives you the breakdown (protein, carbs etc).


One site I found after seeing someone mention here is … it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good :slight_smile:

The USDA has a website that gives values for pretty much all foods. I can’t find the URL at the moment and it’s too early to search but I’m sure some digging at their site would turn it up.

In addition to fitday, which was mentioned above, this site is also cool. It lets you figure out the values for recipes and choose foods based on what nutrients they contain:

Thanks for the replies. I’ll check out each of the sites mentioned., has every sort of food in it.