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Calorie Consumption When Not Working Out

right basically im tryina work out seroiusly now, an tryina to get enough calories an all dat.

I last worked out on Wedsnesday, how many days after your last session do you lower your cal. intake bk to a more “normal” level - eg on the following monday (5 days later)would you still be “eating big”?! (I assume not). So when would you take it back down…? what about protein intake also…?

And in the same vein, when its time for a break, how long should you take?! (eg a week, a month?!)

hope these are jus simple quick questions lol. thanks.

Vary it on your goals and always remember that you grow and hel out of the weight room. not in that. That said I usually eat more on w/o days just due to being hungry but if trying to add mass just keep eating if your over fat cut your intake a bit.

Its pretty simple if you dont over think it.

Similar to what Phill advised: if you are trying to gain mass, you will eat excess calories every day. Although if you commonly have five day layoffs from training, your results might end up more fat than muscle.

Check out John Berardi’s Massive Eating series for guidelines on eating to grow.
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Part 2, Taking breaks.
How often you stop lifting, and how long you lay off for are dependent upon your goals, condition, and lifting routine.

That being said, generally about 8-12 weeks on, 1 week off seems to work well for most people. I would advise against a whole month off, unless you are injured. It just creates too much downtime.

Ok thanks people, yeh this was more wat I was trying to get at lol, didn’t really know how to word it- as I know to grow you must eat, but I was trying to get at - when eating when does it not help you gain / just makes u fat (due to the length from training time).