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Calorie/Carb Cycling for Lean Bulking in Advanced Trainee


I am an 42y.o., pretty advanced trainee, working out over 25years, with some (pauze) intervals during studies (MD, PhD) and due to family (3 kids), but now again fully motivated to reach a “SuperHero physique” :slight_smile:
I successfully leaned down (using MyFitnessPal tracking my calories and macro’s) from 86kg to 68kg (length 1m72cm) going from 15+ %BF to 11%BF now.

Since several months I am following a 3-day split (Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Shoulders/Legs) (lean) Bulking program, working out 3 non-consecutive day per week, using Reverse Pyramid Training for the compound movements, Standard (pump) Pyramid training for isolation movements, weighted ab work at the end of each workout, 2 Bodyweight movements included in each workout (motivating myself to stay lean and being ‘athletic’/‘functional’).

I have a question concerning my way of calorie/carb cycling I cannot seem to figure out or find an answer to on the different ‘expert’ online channels I follow.

My calorie maintenance is 2250cal.
I have 1 low calorie (rest) day -300 = 1950cal each week.
The other 3 rest days I eat +200to300cal = 2450to2550cal.
The 3 workout days I use intra-workout Plazma and post-workout Surge Recovery, giving me an extra 500cal.
A lot of formulas say a 75to90minute intense workout burns around 500cal for my weight.

Does this even out the peri-workout calories? In other words did my workout “earn” me these extra calories, just as walking or extra cardio would burn me extra calories, which I could eat?

So can I eat maintenance 2250 +500calories (“earned” by the workout) +200to300calories 'lean bulk surplus’
OR only the 500 or only the 200to300?

As you can conclude, since I am very ‘experienced’/‘advanced’ I realize I cannot build a lot of muscle in a month or a year. My training focuses on intensity and I progressive overload and still hit PR’s each week. But still I am afraid to gain too much weight = too much fat by overshooting my calories. Hence the question to you.


Try one of these approaches…


The best thing I ever did when dieting is not touching the peri workout.

I started like you, getting the calories in (I started at 15x, etc) and went from there. I did not count peri into my total. When I went to 14x and 13x etc, I not only lowered my calories, but moved them. All carbs around the work out (pre, during, post). Peri did not change. I also kept my high days on work out days.

Since you like Biotest, have you ever tried a Mag-10 pulse on a low day? Best work out ever the next day if you calories are clean.

Just my 2cents.


Forgot. Drop the Surge Revovery. Plazma takes care of it.

Use Mag-10 after.