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Calorie/Carb Cycling for Fat Loss


6 days depletion
Sunday to Saturday
meals ratios 25FAT 25CARB 50PRO

Meal 1
50g oats
2scoops protein
Meal 2
100g chicken brest
100g broccoli
25g all natural peanut butter
Meal 3
100g chicken brest
100g broccoli
25g all natural peanut butter
Meal 4 (pre w/o)
25g oats
2scoops protein
meal 5 (post w/o)
2scoops why protein
1 med banana
meal 6
100g turkey
25g all natural peanut butter

about 1750 cals
100g carbs 50g fat 220g pro

bmr 1800 weight 170lb weight training 4times a week 3days 30min cardio (endo mesmo body type) and taking anavar 60mlg a day 30mlg morning 30mlg night

i was wondering if i a cheatmeal last meal on a sunday would be a good idea to spike metabolism and fill mucle glycogen?


3days as described above and then the 4th day double the carb intake and keep the protein and fat intake the same, much like carb cycling

any ideas thanks


If you weigh 170 lbs you need more than 1800 unless you're tied to a bed getting beat like James Caan in Misery.


it states BMR not maintenance calories


So, do you eat 1,750 6 days outta the week? Not sure bout your post.


If you need some extra help setting up a CC diet;





yeah all 6 meals total to around 1750 cals




If you weigh 170 lbs and work out 4X/wk plus cardio, your maintenance calories are probably in the range of 3000 or more per day. Eating 1750 calories per day will slow your metabolism to next to nothing.


Yea got that. How many DAYS OUT OF THE WEEK? You said some dumb shit about depletion for 6 days and 1750 sure is depletion. Do plan on one high calorie day to keep your metabolism from grinding to a halt? FYI it's not gonna work. Keep cals high most days and carb cycle.