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Calorie/Carb consumption on refeed days

Hi guys, just curious how much you guys eat on your carb refeed days. I feel like I’ve been going overboard on some of mine when I hit the low 5000’s for calories with around 900 or so carbohydrates.

I’m 5 foot 10 inches, 180 lbs and about 11~12% bodyfat. Am I going overboard? And also what does the calorie/carb breakdown look like for you guys?

Though some will try, no one can answer this without more information. What is your level of dieting (severe, moderate)? How often are you refeeding and for how long? What has your past experience w/ cheating/refeeding been? Is it accelerating your fat loss or is it hindering it? And for the last question, you need to base your results on your body fat percentage immediatly before you next refeed to determine the effects of the last one. Many people are basing things on scale weight and such and concluding that their progress is being hindered; this is obviously a huge error.

When I do my refeeds, I normally hit over 1,000 grams of carbs with about 250 g of protein, and minimal fat. I’m 5’11" 155 lbs and around 6%, so I’d say you don’t have to worry about it.

Another question, is it working? If yes, don’t worry, if not, reasses you plan.

1000 carbohydrates? Wow and I thought I was going way too high with my eating.

It does seem to be working strangely enough, almost seems counterintuitive to me but apparently the caliper readings are slowly going down. I find it interesting that my bodyfat is decreasing but my bodyweight is actually stable and has been for the past 2 months I’ve been doing refeeds. I don’t know how this is working but if I’m doing the readings correctly, I have to say things are working out well.

My next refeed will be done using Joel Marion’s rec’s from the Cheater’s Diet: a carb meal (w/ some protein and minimal fat) consisting of triple the calories of a maintenace meal. That would be 1125 calories for me - I’m just not certain if that should be one huge meal, or broken up over 2-3 meals. I just finished TD 2.0 (which has loose guidelines for cheat/carb meals) and am trying Poliquin’s diet. As I’m still overfat, I’m experimenting w/ different refeeding prtocols every two weeks or so.

Yeah I tend to take in what I consider a high amount of carbs on refeeds but if you were dieting to a T on the other days you should be fine.

Really on paper it depends on the length of the refeed. The shorter the refeed the more calories and carbohydrates you can get away with and need to consume to get leptin up although fat consumption is probably going to be only detrimental. Scientific evidence shows that de novo lipogenesis (conversion of fat from carbohydrate) with massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) short term carbohydrate overfeeding is only around 10-20% so this means that out of 1000 grams or 4000 calories of carbs consumed perhaps only 400-800 would be converted to fat. For this reason many using short term (less than one day) refeeds can just eat as many carbs as they want and not even worry about the amount or calories as most of them will be stored as glycogen and oxidized off. However, there are people who don’t get the same results with this in the real world as they should on paper. In a longer refeed such as a day or 2 using a “controlled” refeed such as maintenance + 20-50% has proven beneficial for many.

Odd, Joel’s post came up after I saw my post appear on this thread. Anyway…

I suppose my cut cycle can be considered “severe.” My calories on an average cut day fluctuate between 1900-2100.

I’ve integrated refeeds into my cut cycle since early January. How well they’ve accelerated my body fat loss is hard to say. To be honest I only started tracking my body fat percentages consistently once I started refeeding. (I admit I’m lazy, but doing the 7 site method is a pain in the ass.)

I used to do once a week refeeds, but now I do them twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday’s refeeds are much larger, you know, the 5000 calorie range but they’re less intense on Wednesday with calories around 4000.

In any case, my body fat does seem to be decreasing, I was just concerned that my refeeds might be too excessive.

Kelly- Well lets see, I usually refeed at 5K for a day, usually from the morning till early evening, like 5 or 6. Is that considered “long?” Or when you mean a full day or is it considered short term?

Where did you read about that 10-20% conversion? I’d like to read up more on that.

I am glad to hear all of this good info, I am planning a refeed to take place on March 16th, I will be going to a buffet with my om for her 50th. Do you guys usually go to buffets, or favorite resteraunts? I dont know if I am in the same class as you guys in regards to the refeed, as I only do these once every two months or so, this is what I find works for me physiologically, as well as psychologically. I plan on taking in some heavy carbs though especially in the form of pancakes and waffles, although I will go light on the syrup. Any suggestions as to how one should approach a refeed at a buffet would be greatly appreciated.

I would consider a full day kind’ve “mid-long” whereas half a day would be short, one meal would be extremely short and 2 or more days long. For information on de novo lipogenesis i dont have the references handy but try going here :http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/ and running a search on de novo lipogenesis/ de novo lipogenesis and overfeeding/ and read some of the studies done by K.J. Acheson
hope that helps

Thanks Kelly.