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Calorie Calculators


https://fnic.nal.usda.gov/fnic/dri-calculator/ says 3534 calories

health-calc.com says 4091 calories

And Baylor university calorie calculator says 3589 calories

However things like bodybuilding.com say like 2300

And calculator.com says like 2500 so the rangers are anywhere from 2300ish to 4000 calories!!!
Huge difference!

So which one do I go with?
I know the typical answer is to try each and if you gain weight you’re in surplus etc… but it’s really hard seeing what’s fat weight or food weight or water weight or glycogen etc…

So is there a certain calculator that I should follow?

I think I’ve mentioned my stats but here it is again

16 year old
Hits above 10k steps at least daily
Goes to gym for 1.5 hours for 5/6 days a week
156ish pounds
5 foot 10 inches

Could anyone guestimate?
Because sure having a tdee of 4000 calories would be amazing but some of these websites may be inaccurate or frauds so I just wanted your guys’ opinions.


At your age (I am 65) I would say forget the calculators and just eat. Listen carefully to your body and stay as ‘paleo’ as you can (avoid processed foods and highly refined grain products).

You are probably not eating enough. You are expending enough energy to chase down a wildebeest so at the end of the hunt you need to eat the lion’s share of it!