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Calorie calculator

Go check out this dietitians web site calorie calculator. Fill the requirements as much as possible. I was amazed at how many calories it told me to eat for me to maintain. One thing that is screwy is the macro percentages, you don’t have full flexability with it. Anyway check it out here:


my results were 4650 per day, I’m 205 about 12% at 6’2" medium frame. . . just interested in what others think, because those calculators are usually really low.

I think the fact that on the diet calculator section, they only allow you get, at MOST, 20% of your calories from protein, and at LEAST 40% carbs speaks volumes about the site’s credibility.

It told me 40% protein is unreasonable.

i liked it and found it interesting. i did not like the fact that it did not allow for some of the macronutrient count to be tinkered with considering that i get more then 15% of my calories from protein. It was actually very accurate in its reading though. It recommended 4130 calories for me to gain 1 pound a week which is accurate according to previous calculations of mine. there are a lot of different factors that take into effect. laters pk

well i agree it should let you tinker with the macros more however it told me I needed 235 grams of protien a day that is 1.1gms of protien per pound of body weight. I do not need more thatn that unless I am on a heavy steroid cycle or on a low carb diet, and even then be argued. I think that the pendulum is swinging back towards the importance 0f carbs anyway. Too much protein does nothing more than get stored as fat or exits the other way, if you have enough primary energy sources being consumed. Remember protein is not a primary energy source!! I surely don’t think it is unhealthy or has any effect on kidneys or anything but your body only needs so much depending on what you are doing. And anyway don’t you have a calculator? you can do your own percentages based on colories. I just thought it was interesting that it gave me such a high number thats all.

i tinkered with the numbers also. I agree with the calories just, not the macros. I’m 5’9" at 206 at about 9%bf. I definitely try to take more then 1 gram/lb protein per day while not getting nearly as much carbs as they recommend. The diet they recommend is a high carb diet. Definitely not for maintaining lean mass at decent body fat levels. I would substitute a lot of the fat and carbs with protein. Protein burns a lot of energy to get digested and converted into glucose and then into fat. High protein diets allow you to stay lean while maintaining muscle mass. Your goal in maintaining a lean appearance is to have your body burning fat for energy. If i’m supplying my body with over 600 grams of carbs a day, i will not get lean. That’s for bulking like you said on an androgen cycle. laters pk