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Calorie Calculations

Just attempted to use an online calorie/macro calculator. Some of the numbers seemed high. I’m 6’1 195 to 200. She is currently 5’2 130 to 135. It said I needed 3445 cal. And 375 g of carbs. She needs 2118 cal. And 144 g. Of carbs. The fat and protein numbers seemed more in line with what ive read and believed. Ive never payed real close attention. Have always been in decent shape and been pretty strong in the gym. I’m now 36 and havent been in the gym in over a year and it shows. My girl has never lifted. Trying to do this right. Currently we are just working to get her baseline strength and me to regain some of mine.

So any suggestions for a good calculation to use, a food “calculator” that works, or just a good way to figure out your needs, would be awesome. Thanks

There’s not going to be a perfectly accurate calculator. Pointless to go looking too hard for one either. Pick one then tweak it a bit if you reckon it’s off.

Start on it and see how the scale, performance or whatever other metrics u wanna use responds. Adjust up or down until you are seeing the response u want.